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Natura Campus

On August 2014, Natura has held a Hackathon along with MIT Media Lab to create technological solutions that could amplify the experience of Natura's consumers with cosmetics. Watch the video and find out how it was!

Open and Collaborative Innovation

Natura opens its doors for entrepreneurs

New Training Program for Consultants is the result of partnership with startup firm Já Entendi.

Time Natura Campus - Jul 20, 2015



Biodiversity Certification

Natura teams up with UEBT to monitor and evaluate suppliers from Amazonia and other regions of Brazil.

Time Natura Campus - May 8, 2015


Cosmetic Innovation

An innovative way of making fragances


Time Natura Campus - May 8, 2015

Open and Collaborative Innovation

Innovation partnership management

Around 200 partners currently work along with Natura in innovation projects. Learn how our partnership management is done, and the main tools used to formalize, evaluate, recognize and develop partners.

Time Natura Campus - Jun 17, 2015


Cosmetic Innovation

Development of Products with Reduced Environmental Impact

Discover how the innovation project to develop Ecocompacto, Natura's aerosol deodorant with a 48% lower environmental impact in comparison with the average in the segment, was carried out.

Time Natura Campus - Apr 15, 2015


Cosmetic Innovation

Facial expressions and communication

Facial expressions are a powerful way for humans to communicate their feelings. ...

Maria Cristina Valzachi - Oct 1, 2013


Cosmetic Innovation

Colors beyond the skin

The set of information responsible for the definition of skin pigmentation is written in the genes present within our cells.

Carolina Lavini Ramos - Oct 1, 2013

Cosmetic Innovation

The effect of fragrances in the texture perception

If you have had the experience of eating a delicious food during a severe flu ...

Maria Cristina Valzachi - Oct 1, 2013

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