Innovation Themes

Natura invests in several research areas which, when interconnected and combined, act to generate, expand and diffuse knowledge and bring benefits to the whole relations network.

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Well Being and Science of Relations

Social research applied to areas of positive psychology; well being biology; neuroscience, traditional medicine and additional therapies.

Consumer’s understanding focused on his interaction with the brand, scientific proof of well being promotion, sense measurement and new sensorial identity creation.


  • Gestures for life
    Gestures for life
    By developing gestural techniques of product use, we tried to expand the well being well experience. By corporeal techniques which integrate traditional and scientific knowledge, the product contact is much more intense and promotes the well being more and more.

    For VôVó line (granny line) development, for example, the well being Science area carried out studies for the purpose of evaluating the effects in the development between grandparents and grandchildren arising from two ways of approximation: physical and emotional. Studies contemplated behavioral, emotional, cultural and social aspects showing the positive effect of interactions mediated by products in the relationship between grandparents and grandchildren.


Development and application of ingredients, chains and technologies of social biodiversity. New models of production and cultivation, conservation, among other initiatives in the field of bioagriculture, industrial ecology, ecodesign and ingredients developed from biotechnology; besides application of environmental indicators.

NINA – The Amazon Innovation Center (Núcleo de Inovação Natura Amazônica) articulates research networks integrated by institutions of science and technology from the Amazon region.


  • Sustainability beyond our borders
    Sustainability beyond our borders
    The Palo Santo (Bursera graveolens) essential oil is traditionally obtained from the tree wood. However, Natura developed some research in partnership with Universidade Técnica Particular de Loja, the NGO Naturaleza Y Cultura Internacional and communities of Malvas and Chaquiro, located in Loja, Ecuador, to make obtainment of this oil feasible from fruit handling. In this project, we established practical partnerships for a sustainable harvest, keeping trees standing, and promoting the conservation of Bosques Secos of Loja, in Ecuador.
  • Agroforestry systems in input production
    Agroforestry systems in input production
    The partnership between Natura and EMBRAPA Eastern and Western Amazonia and Agricultural Cooperative of Tomé Açú, with support of FINEP, enabled to develop agroforestry systems (SAFs) for sustainable production of dendê in Amazonia’s family agriculture. The dendê’s SAFs conserve region biodiversity and bring environmental, economic and social benefits.

Open and Collaborative Innovation

Science and intelligence of networks, new ways of network connection promotion for evolution of innovation ecosystem, new models of partnerships, methodologies of collaboration and co-creation.

Innovation management, including new process and portfolio methodologies. Capture of new opportunities and concepts from trends, signs and emergent themes of the society and of the consumer. 


  • Call of Natura Campus Projects 2012
    Call of Natura Campus Projects 2012
    The Call of Natura Campus Projects tried to identify and support projects of network transforming innovation. With a global perspective, the Call enabled scientific community researchers to submit innovation projects of high impact, multidisciplinary and preferably connected among research institutions.

    The phases of evaluation and selection phases were outstanding. The proposals were evaluated by Natura innovation managers and researchers and the finalists were invited to take part of an immersion step at Natura and direct collaboration with researchers of the company. In a partnership with Endeavor, an institution focused on entrepreneurship, there was a space of interaction and co-creation designed to enable research synergies inside and outside the company could be stood out. All this made finalist researchers develop their projects and perform their final presentation to Natura’s executive board made up of innovation top management of the company. The direct contact between the company leadership and researchers focused on high impact projects evidenced the initiative value, creating value shared between the network and Natura at the same time along the process. In the end, 13 projects were passed amounting a budget of nearly BRL 8 million reais.

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Cosmetic Innovation

Development of new formulations fragrances, design of packaging and benefits, considering sensorial, emotional and functional aspects (safety and effectiveness), generating products which transform the perception of the brand, experience and services.


  • Evaluation of cosmetic safety and effectiveness
    Evaluation of cosmetic safety and effectiveness
    As we do not use animals for safety and effectiveness tests of new active ingredients and products, we are always in search of new alternatives to carry out this evaluation. In addition, we try to create non-invasive diagnostic methods to evaluate skin and hair in human beings, as the adaptation for dermatological use of optical coherence tomography (OCT), originally used in ophthalmology. The technique enables to view the biological tissue image in real time with the same resolution of an optical microscope, making feasible to check Natura product effect directly on the skin.