Know Natura Campus


Natura Campus is a space for collaboration and building relationships with Institutions of Science and Technology, firms and entrepreneurs, enabling collaboration between them to generate innovation and shared value.


Promoting partnerships and network connections to develop new ideas, knowledge, products and services, strengthening and widening the innovation ecosystem.


The network is periodically invited to build ideas and projects for disruptive innovation, to be developed in partnership.


By taking part on challenges, the network can help solving Natura's innovation demands.


The workshops are interaction spaces to generate knowledge and discover mutual opportunities.

New Ideas

Natura Campus Website also receives new opportunities identified by researchers and entrepreneurs from different organizations.

Innovation at Natura

Natura's essence and beliefs are intimately related to collaborative work, as the quality in relationships, the constant search for improvement, the interdependence between the parties and the importance of diversity for the wealth and vitality of the whole make this model of work unique.

Innovation has always been part of Natura's history. To bring the Innovation Networks on Science and Technology into reality, Natura Campus was created. Since 2003, 53 partnership projects were hired.

Check the timeline on the left to know more about our history.

In 2014, Natura Campus evolved to reinforce its role as a space of collaboration and relationship building with Science and Technology Institutions, firms and entrepreneurs, enabling them all to collaborate to build shared value.

By building both national and international collaborative partnerships - more information about our partners network -, Natura Campus seeks to widen and develop science, technology and innovation through promotion of network connection to strengthen the innovation ecosystem.

To this end, Natura Campus promotes calls, challenges and workshops to interact and build new opportunities in a global network of science, technology and innovation, besides stimulating scientific dissemination with specialized blogs, which also contribute to identify opportunities.

Natura Campus also comprehends the Idea Channel, where we receive new partnership opportunities in Natura's innovation themes. After receiving proposals, the program assumes an articulation role with the areas of interest within the company and the innovation ecosystem.

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Research Centers

Innovation Center

Cajamar, SP

  • Natura's Main Research Center
  • Most complete and advanced research and technology in cosmetics center in South America.

Research and Development Lab

Benevides, Pará

  • Center of Innovation on sustainable use of Brazilian biodiversity
  • Semi-industrial and pilot equipment for processing of fruits, extraction and modification of vegetable oils and their derivatives.

The Amazon Innovation Center


  • Permanent team of researchers
  • Articulation of research networks integrated by scientific institutions from the Northern region of Brazil.